Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When the wrong place gets stiff...

How many of you have woken up with stiff neck in the morning? Hallo? Dang, guess its monologue huh?

It happened again. I was walking like Robocop minus the superpowers. In fact, I might look downright arrogant, not wanting to turn my head and all. I might look at your sideways with a raised eyebrow, as if I have caught you making snide remarkes. The truth is, its the freakin's neck. I can't freakin move it.

I guess to make this blog more interesting and fact based, I will check on the history book.

Lets see, the first stiff neck incident occurred to Jurassic Era (There are other eras, but Spielberg haven't filmed them yet), when the T-Rex got stiff neck when he woke up in the mornig. So, he grabbed the quitar and sang the blues:

Woke up this mornin'
With a freakin stiff neck, I'm gonna kill ya, you m**********r!!!!!!

So, you believe in that comet theory, huh? Heh.

Then, as we move forward we come to the Shakespearean era. Yeah, the Bard himself got it when he was writing Hamlet. Hamlet was supposed to be a slapstick comedy about an egg, but he got the stiff neck and the rest is history.

I am not blaming or crediting stiff neck for many occurences in history, but I am just relating to you the rage I feel now. I feel like killing poor, defenceless insect, and if anybody got one, post it to me. Grrrr.....

Have I told you about sore throats?

1 comment:

simplypissed said...

stiff neck huh??

try having big boobies.. it don't do naaaaaaaaathing good for yr neck!

so quit yer whinin... :)