Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dreaming online

I have a website, it's name is Rakesh's Movie Talk. Okay, it was named after me. I wanted to name it after some prominent folks, but I ain't got enough dough to pay for the rights. Mine is the cheapest.

The trouble with maintaining a website is maintaining it. That's right. I love to put my stuff up there, but the job of loading it, man. So, I always end up apologising for the lateness of it all.

The best thing about having your own website is that you can do whatever you want with it. You can post anything up there. Of course, I have to reword that sentence, if you get calls from authority. Otherwise, its okay.

As for me, I had always fancied myself as a movie critic. I am not sure about qualification. Maybe you need some film studies background. I don't have any. I only qualify because I am a movie buff, in a limited way since there are still thousands of movies which I had not seen.

So, there you go. My site is the platform for me to be a practising film critic, except I don't get paid for it. I mean, through websites you can become businessment, president of your own cult, prophet, journalist, etc.

And then what?

Find way to find income through it? I have heard so much of it, and many ideas put forth are brilliant. And what am I to do with my site? I know well that the quality of the writing in there ranks probably only a bit highter than those you find in teen chat room. I can't sell it.

So, all in all, I see my chat, like this blog, function as some kind of journal. A reminder on how I felt about certain movie at that time. And, hopefully if I had been careless, I might find traces of occurences in my life at the time I wrote those reviews.

I talked too much. Ciao.

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