Friday, March 18, 2005

The day when computer crashes

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. True? Eeeeeeeeeet! Wrong answer

They make our lives miserable when they break down. That's right, I am talking about computers. That's when you feel miserable, you can't sleep, you can't keep awake, and there are mild thoughts of suicide.

Wait, that's hangover.

Well, something similar happens when your dear PC breaks down. Today, its not mine, but my colleague's that started showing finger and refused to work, even when offered compensations.

So, like a true hero, I got onto the saddle and tried to do something. Guess what?

It got worse.

Now, we have to call the real expert and something that our boss doesn't like will certain to happen - more bills.

Why can't they invent something that won't and can never break down. I mean technology is so advanced that they even have viruses for cellphones now. Destruction seemed so easy.

So, now I will have to live with the guilt, over the weekend, that I screwed my colleague's PC. God have mercy on my poor soul.

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