Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Something to talk about...

Some babe called me up and asked about my blogsite.

Can you believe it? Someone actually read my blog.

Or she just wanted to highlight top ten worst blog in the world to some potential bloggers wanna be.

Well, guess I shall talk about something today.

See, this morning I met couple of guys, one French and another Greece. They deal with Submarine batteries. They wanna sell it to the Malaysian Navy who'd be getting the Scorpene submarines.

The thing is, I interviewed this man for the Asian Defence & Diplomacy magazine and he liked the article. Its just another run-of-the-mill stuff that I cranked out a couple of months ago.

And then, she removed her clothes one after another, sighing and moaning while at it...

There, I managed to keep you awake. We need sex and violence, right?

And today he started asking me, "So what do you think are the chances?"

Me? Opinion? On defence industry? He must be freakin' kidding me. The only think I know in-depth is probably movies. Or James Bond. Or boiling eggs.

So, I cranked up my eyebrows, gave an expression close to one you get when you are having constipation and said, 'Look, I don't know much about these things."

Or something like that. But I did tell him a thing or two about Malaysians being generally not US friendly, and they might actually get some orders after all.

Coming back, I reflected. And it reflected back, so I guess I can't comment much.

Its hard to let people know how much you know. Especially when you are journalists, where people tend to think that you know everything. Yes, we do know everything...that we don't know.

There, I shall leave you in this properly confused state. Take it easy...

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