Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When the wrong place gets stiff...

How many of you have woken up with stiff neck in the morning? Hallo? Dang, guess its monologue huh?

It happened again. I was walking like Robocop minus the superpowers. In fact, I might look downright arrogant, not wanting to turn my head and all. I might look at your sideways with a raised eyebrow, as if I have caught you making snide remarkes. The truth is, its the freakin's neck. I can't freakin move it.

I guess to make this blog more interesting and fact based, I will check on the history book.

Lets see, the first stiff neck incident occurred to Jurassic Era (There are other eras, but Spielberg haven't filmed them yet), when the T-Rex got stiff neck when he woke up in the mornig. So, he grabbed the quitar and sang the blues:

Woke up this mornin'
With a freakin stiff neck, I'm gonna kill ya, you m**********r!!!!!!

So, you believe in that comet theory, huh? Heh.

Then, as we move forward we come to the Shakespearean era. Yeah, the Bard himself got it when he was writing Hamlet. Hamlet was supposed to be a slapstick comedy about an egg, but he got the stiff neck and the rest is history.

I am not blaming or crediting stiff neck for many occurences in history, but I am just relating to you the rage I feel now. I feel like killing poor, defenceless insect, and if anybody got one, post it to me. Grrrr.....

Have I told you about sore throats?

Friday, March 18, 2005

The day when computer crashes

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. True? Eeeeeeeeeet! Wrong answer

They make our lives miserable when they break down. That's right, I am talking about computers. That's when you feel miserable, you can't sleep, you can't keep awake, and there are mild thoughts of suicide.

Wait, that's hangover.

Well, something similar happens when your dear PC breaks down. Today, its not mine, but my colleague's that started showing finger and refused to work, even when offered compensations.

So, like a true hero, I got onto the saddle and tried to do something. Guess what?

It got worse.

Now, we have to call the real expert and something that our boss doesn't like will certain to happen - more bills.

Why can't they invent something that won't and can never break down. I mean technology is so advanced that they even have viruses for cellphones now. Destruction seemed so easy.

So, now I will have to live with the guilt, over the weekend, that I screwed my colleague's PC. God have mercy on my poor soul.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dreaming online

I have a website, it's name is Rakesh's Movie Talk. Okay, it was named after me. I wanted to name it after some prominent folks, but I ain't got enough dough to pay for the rights. Mine is the cheapest.

The trouble with maintaining a website is maintaining it. That's right. I love to put my stuff up there, but the job of loading it, man. So, I always end up apologising for the lateness of it all.

The best thing about having your own website is that you can do whatever you want with it. You can post anything up there. Of course, I have to reword that sentence, if you get calls from authority. Otherwise, its okay.

As for me, I had always fancied myself as a movie critic. I am not sure about qualification. Maybe you need some film studies background. I don't have any. I only qualify because I am a movie buff, in a limited way since there are still thousands of movies which I had not seen.

So, there you go. My site is the platform for me to be a practising film critic, except I don't get paid for it. I mean, through websites you can become businessment, president of your own cult, prophet, journalist, etc.

And then what?

Find way to find income through it? I have heard so much of it, and many ideas put forth are brilliant. And what am I to do with my site? I know well that the quality of the writing in there ranks probably only a bit highter than those you find in teen chat room. I can't sell it.

So, all in all, I see my chat, like this blog, function as some kind of journal. A reminder on how I felt about certain movie at that time. And, hopefully if I had been careless, I might find traces of occurences in my life at the time I wrote those reviews.

I talked too much. Ciao.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Something to talk about...

Some babe called me up and asked about my blogsite.

Can you believe it? Someone actually read my blog.

Or she just wanted to highlight top ten worst blog in the world to some potential bloggers wanna be.

Well, guess I shall talk about something today.

See, this morning I met couple of guys, one French and another Greece. They deal with Submarine batteries. They wanna sell it to the Malaysian Navy who'd be getting the Scorpene submarines.

The thing is, I interviewed this man for the Asian Defence & Diplomacy magazine and he liked the article. Its just another run-of-the-mill stuff that I cranked out a couple of months ago.

And then, she removed her clothes one after another, sighing and moaning while at it...

There, I managed to keep you awake. We need sex and violence, right?

And today he started asking me, "So what do you think are the chances?"

Me? Opinion? On defence industry? He must be freakin' kidding me. The only think I know in-depth is probably movies. Or James Bond. Or boiling eggs.

So, I cranked up my eyebrows, gave an expression close to one you get when you are having constipation and said, 'Look, I don't know much about these things."

Or something like that. But I did tell him a thing or two about Malaysians being generally not US friendly, and they might actually get some orders after all.

Coming back, I reflected. And it reflected back, so I guess I can't comment much.

Its hard to let people know how much you know. Especially when you are journalists, where people tend to think that you know everything. Yes, we do know everything...that we don't know.

There, I shall leave you in this properly confused state. Take it easy...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Those who know me, knows that I am a big Clint Eastwood fan. Those who don't know me, it's about time. You don't know what you haven't missed.

So, I waited and waited and finally it came. No, I am not talking about my sex life. I am talking about the best film ever made by Clint Eastwood.

The film, Million Dollar Baby, will keep my grappling with Insomnia the next few weeks. It's THAT powerful. And I don't think Eastwood is ever gonna make a movie this good or give a perfomance this powerful.

I would like to go on record to state that this is the best movie ever since the Millenium. I would also like to go on record to say that Chris Rock sucks as a host for Oscars.

I don't quite recall a favourite movie in the nineties, either. Lemme check my top ten...Nope, the latest is White Hunter Black Hunter which was out in 1989. So, probably the best after another Eastwood film. I guess being Eastwood fan, I am a bit biased.

I need to rework on my top ten, now. Till then....