Monday, April 18, 2005

Why Blog?

I woke up suddenly yesterday and a question lingered on my mind, "Why me? Why do I blog?"

Look, blog is an important innovation in the 21st century. Everyone and anyone can become journalist. A journal of their personal thoughts and actions. I am a writer with a publication, and shouldn't that be enough?

The question wrecked my mind and I couldn't go back to sleep. Then, I realised that it is not good to have long naps on Sunday afternoon. So, I got up and set to writing this.

You see, long time ago I had wanted to become a columnist. An important columnist who dedicates his weekly column addressing socially critical issues like why the armpit need bushes of hair. My training was in scriptwriting, and it is basically about actions and thoughts and voices of other individuals, not your own.

Being a movie freak (as opposed to movie buff) I set up a site ( to post my reviews, but they are reviews, not my thought on all those important questions in life. I want a place to talk about life, death and why the in-between sucks. I want a site to reflect on my own life and bore the hell out of the visitors. I want a log book where I can look back and say, "Men, was I that bad in writing?"

And so, this blog was born.

But right now I have only two dedicated visitors. One is a gal whose blood circulation is fuelled by caffeine, and another, an ex-colleague, who one day innocently asked: "If Singapore has its own little forest reserve, do they have Orang Asli in it?"

I need to work on attracting more people to this blogsite. So, first thing first, I need to do branding. That's right, that hot thing they poke in the cow's ass. You call that branding, right?

Now, how the hell am I going to sell Grouchy Days as a brand? What kind of logo would I use for it? Can I cheat the visitors by proclaiming that it is a reality-Blog, now that everything on reality is sellable? Can I offer special downloads, like addresses of pirated DVD vendors who can give "special discount wan."?

How? Alas poor Groucho!

To be continued...


caffienhigh said...

I am indeed flatered that you recognise me as one of your fan... :)

Well if you must know, of late (with your permission if you recall) I have sent ppl your link to read some of your socially critical issues... I of course was so enlightened by your theory on weight management that I just had to share the secret with everyone...

So... in my own little corner on my own little chair with my own little PC in my own little way I am doing branding for you. Hope you appreciate it and you will get my bill in the mail soon...


Groucho said...

Dear caffienhigh,

I never recognised you as a fan. A visitor maybe, coz fans usually ask for coffee or something which I can't afford at the budget I am working.

I have two fans. They are at home and one of them is in extreme need of repair.

But I do appreciate your occasional visits, and send the bill to the inland revenue department.

caffienhigh said...

where is my cock research?


caffienhigh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
d' Miaow said...

my dear gourcho... you have now left me in need of knowing what mz caffeinhigh said in the last quote that was removed by you... *poutz* terrible lah u.. now i'll be thinking abt the endless possiblities, knowing her, and wonder what warranted a removal from yr journal... Blehr!

Anonymous said...

Heya..look at the bright you MAY have another perhaps? Was recommended by your 'coffee lady' :p

You can visit me at

But I am a lousy writer!