Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Nevin Shankaran Kumar, now…and please eat your veggie.

Or so says my wifey, as she wanted to post something with regards to the impending…I mean, upcoming birthday of our offspring…a bloke named Nevin Shankaran Kumar.

You see, he is turning two  on the 14th February this year. Of course, every parent would rejoice on the fact that the very same datema is apparently confirmed by some calendar saying that he or she is so and so years old. And, of course, the date seemed to be indicating something about romance. Hmmm…
But not our kid. He is a bit on the hyper side as in “I look young, but I am matured baby…how about Italian worries my mom and dad will clean my ass and dispose the goddamn napkins”.

And so it has been that way. As the narrator and the infrequent log-meister of my day to day affair of this site, I am extremely happy to note that the bloke who is the subjecout of this post just told me to “sheddaappp” ala James Cagney which follows an indoctrination program that I have unfortunately influenced my wife when we got married. She has since become a hardcore Cagney fan

My revisiting of this blog is not so much about updating my current status. It is more about late night insomnia that reveals my persona as being both creative being, as well as hopeless individual looking for survival.
In the end. Or, as per the sub-editors’ recommendation, “at the end”…all I ask for is to recognise my junior as the next super star. Ilayarajaa, MSV, ARR, Kamal, Rajini, Bono, Freddy, Michael, and all those hard rock fellers confined in my little thumb drive and my own beloved Nadigar Thilagam (do your own translation,) that makes my journey with my NevinMobile memorable.

Have a great day. As my life dictated the last one year or so, it is all about kinship, love, altruism as Rajini said in the movie “Baba”  - “Man to man help”.

Happy 2nd Birthday Nevin Shankaran Kumar, now…and please eat your veggie.

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