Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sir Sean Connery

I would have liked to start this piece by saying, “His name is Connery, Sean Connery”, which I did, but it would be too clichéd. Lazy journalism, they say. Plus, his name is actually Thomas Sean Connery and he is referred to as Big Tam in his hometown, Edinburg, Scotland. Hardly a reference to the sophisticated, suave gentleman spy he would play in 1962.

Today is Connery’s 80th birthday and he has decided to retire from acting, citing, as one of the reasons, that Hollywood is run by “idiots”. Too bad, the farewell film was badly reviewed (though I liked it) A League Of Extraordinary Gentleman, unlike Eastwood who retired from acting symbolically killing off all the images he had created over the time in Gran Torino, a huge financial and critical success. Connery deserves something like that, but if at all there is a consolation, he will always be remembered as the best damn James Bond of them all.

But the downside to that acclamation though, is that he will not be remembered for some of the finest on-screen performances he had delivered as a serious actor. The caged animal in The Hill (1965), the conflicted cop in The Offence (1973), the man who would be king in The Man Who Would Be King (1975), ageing Robin Hood in Robin and Marion (1976), medieval Franciscan Sherlock Holmes in The Name of The Rose (1986), a publisher caught in an espionage conflict in The Russia House (1990), and an author coming out of self-imposed exile in Finding Forester (2000). Of course, he was awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his screen bursting performance in The Untouchables (1987) beating the magnificent Robert de Niro from the same pix. This despite of de Niro putting on weight and wearing same underwear Al Capone (role he played) wore.

Hopefully this post would help few visitors of this site to remember his contributions other than that damned James Bond*. So, here’s to you Sir Sean. Happy 80th Birthday!

*Yes, during a press conference he did say, “I’d love to kill that damned James Bond”.


Yoganathan.N said...

Short and sweet tribute.
I'm not a big fan of Sir Connery but I have maintained that he's a big name in the industry.
Watched 'A League Of Extraordinary Gentleman' in theatre. He was there in 'Entrapment' right?

Happy Birthday Sir :)

Rakesh Kumar said...

Yes, the travesty called Entrapment. Shot here in Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by.

Yoganathan.N said...

Speaking of Entrapment, heard M'sia government sued the producer for which they showed KLCC beside a slum area (something like that). Is that true or just a mere rumour?

Rakesh Kumar said...

There were complaints. I don't see any grounds for sueing. Similarly in Black Hawk Down, based on actual incident, there were supposed to be Malaysian army who were crucial around the climax, but the script conveniently blocked them out. Malaysian army did protest at that time.

Yoganathan.N said...

I see...
Malaysian Army in Black Hawk Down? What? When? How? Why? lol