Saturday, March 20, 2010

‘tis The Season of Sex Scandals.

What has footballer Ashley Cole, golfer Tiger Woods, Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo, so-called Indian godsmen Swami Nityananda and Shiv Murat Dwivedi have in common?

That’s right, they make shitload of more money than you and I and the dog named Boo. But what else do they have in common? If you don’t know the answer, chances are you are still trapped in that cave and decided to continue living on bat poo.

For those who know, can link them together with one word: sex scandal. I know, those are two words, but trust me, with its frequency of its feed with the hungry media, soon it will become one word: sexscandal.

Future definition for sexscandal: “stuff that ordinary people do that never makes it in international media.” Right now, I shall stick to two words.

Why do I intend to write about this issue in this family oriented, wholesome, fibre-filled blog site, where I am more comfortable writing about spider eggs on banana leaf lunch, or other intellectual stuff like that?

Because I am baffled by the reaction towards them by ordinary folks who never been an inch near all these personalities, let alone having had banana leaf lunch with them. At best, the most sensationalised scandal we get to know from someone we know usually involves romp with underpaid maids or, at worst, circulating clips shot with mobile phone. Usually the apology should be reserved for poor cinematography, but that’s something else.

You see, what these big shot personalities do in one’s bedroom, golf course or ashram, is their own business. But what bugs me is the response to it. Why are the fans, followers and readers getting outraged by that? Why do the affected personalities need to apologise for an act that consist of lots of loving and very little violence unless you talking about sex involving unusual props.

The natural answer is the feeling of being cheated, betrayed, loss of trust….all of which almost meaning the same thing. But this applies to the personalities’ legal partners, whom they are cheating. Similar feeling applies to the followers of the swamijis who may or not been preached about virtues and sins related to sex.

Could it be that folks want them to concentrate on what they do the best and leave the rest to the professionals. Let the gigolos take care of the mistresses instead of the horny sportsmen, let the actors take care of the actresses instead of the lustful swamijis. Let the Charlie Sheen service the prostitutes, instead of sex-crazed politician. In short, leave sex to the sex industry, yeah that includes film industry too.

Which brings us the recent spate about Jack Neo, the successful Singaporean filmmaker. Somewhat I feel that the news of his affairs and so-called sexual harassment should not embarrass Singaporeans…because hey, apparently there is sex in Singapore.

Neo is right smack in the industry that not only offers glitz & glamour, but plenty of booze, dope and lots and lots of sex. Those entering the industry knows that. Those watching the industry from afar knows that. Those who are thriving or hanging on to the last threads in the industry are there mainly knowing very well that if not for the fame and great sex they are getting, they would probably be selling Hokkien mee in food courts.

Speaking of entertainment industry, what about those rock star whose exploit we read everyday with a grin on our face, shaking our heads at “those crazy dudes” and still buy their CDs, download and share their mp3s and watch their concerts. It doesn’t matter that Bonham had an orgy with snapper fish (not shark as the legend dictated) or if Morrison whipped out his dong during a concert. Both are dead and we still love them.

Same applies if Bono was found liplocked with Elton John, or if Mick Jagger was filmed fondling a mountain goat. We will dismiss as just another rockstar antic and continue spending time and money on their outputs. And avoid mutton for life, maybe.

Sex scandal, in fact, is not a plague in entertainment industry, it’s a side dish, if properly done could be the main course that can sell personalities. Most C-grade celebrities, say, like Paris Hilton and that Kardashian bitch, came to prominence from what could have been an intentionally leaked sex tapes. In short, what causes downfall of great sportsmen, politician and men of god, is the very sun that gives energy to these pathetic pseudo-celebs.

What’s norm for film industry patrons and rock stars, is the way of the future for famewhores and douchebags. What you don’t want to emanate from first class stars who are not in the film or music industry, feeds the publicity-seeking worm working out from the dirt there are in. In case of Kardashian, her entire family is living off television fame thanks to her enormous butt.

I suppose ordinary folks had relegated sex scandals to those who have nothing to do with reality. Sportsmen are role modes and at times, financial investments, politicians affect your daily life, and religious leaders dictate your moral values. They are part of your real life, not fantasy. Seeing them getting illicit blowjob in between just ruins your day.


NOV said...

I still maintain that its pure jealousy and nothing else. :P

Rakesh Kumar said...

Thanks for reading, NOV. You got a point there.

Yoganathan.N said...

Hhmmm... Yep, those poor dudes should be left alone. Asking for a public apology or give a creepy look at them (like the rest are saint) is simply atrocious act...

//Sex scandal, in fact, is not a plague in entertainment industry, it’s a side dish, if properly done could be the main course that can sell personalities. //


Rakesh Kumar said...

Thanks for reading, Yoga. Most people have short memory, the fallen shall rise again eh?

Yoganathan.N said...

//Thanks for reading, Yoga. Most people have short memory, the fallen shall rise again eh?//

IMO, this theory works for sportsmen and the moviemaker... Hehe
Not sure about the godsmen... MakkaL kola verila irukkAngga pOla...

Rengarajan said...

IMHO - they have the sex and WE make it a scandal. If a common man had a chance to have sex with the hottest woman in the block - it is a victory and makes an awesome beer-time story. If it is not a common man we cry blue murder...sigh...

Rakesh Kumar said...

Thanks for reading and for the comments, Rengarajan. HUBber?