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Election 2008

Election 2008

I just got back from my cousin’s wedding back in Kluang, Johore. The fun part was meeting all the other cousins, uncles, aunties, schoolteachers, and, of course, those bastard who bullied you in school. Okay, the last one was not fun, and thank god I didn’t see one.

Getting together, naturally our conversation centred on one issue that has been THE talk of town the last month or so. Yes, the heated discussion zeroed in the inevitable, the all-important, the mesmerising Aftrican Cheese cake!

Haha, got you. Of course, we all talked about the recent election, though the conversation on the mystery of the African cheese cake would have been intriguing as well, except that the it might involve severe violence*

Naturally, everyone was happy with the blows received by the ruling party. It was about time, they say. Words like “arrogance”, “complacency”, “transparency” and “hair transplant” were frequently bandied about and are still ringing in my hear. I thought it was my alarm clock.

Anyway, the election was sure one of the most interesting that has happened in Malaysia since the independence almost 51 one yeas ago. Other interesting things, of course, involves the ’64 separation of Singapore, the very sad ’69 riot, the ’97 financial crisis and a certain clinging-on-seat-minister with a hairpiece/transplant so frightening he should be rated 18SG so as to keep away from scaring little children.

What was so sure about this election is this: Majority of Rakyat (people) are angry! They are unhappy! They are so pissed with the government they voted a young inexperienced candidate over an experienced minister, unseated a party president from the seat that I thought was actually glued to his ass so long that it was part of his body. And yes, the crème de la crème (creampie on ruling party’s face) was that the people elected the dude who shot the Lingam clip! I mean they choose him despite his complete lack cinematographic artistry! Can you beat that?

There were repressed anger, suppressed dissatisfactions amongst many, and it doesn’t involve one race alone. Everyone was unhappy. It took one peaceful assembly by an non-governmental organisation called Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force, though it need not necessarily involve Hindus, it can be Catholics, Muslim and if they can take tear gas and water cannon, Scientologists) to break loose the unspoken bond between these unhappy lot. Many Chinese and Malay folks sympathised with the Hindraf supporters. Many of them, in fact, related to some of the issues highlighted by Hindraf.

In fact, there were many non-governmental group gatherings, intended to be peaceful, but was broken up with tear gas and water canon, like the Hindraf gatherings, by police because these groups are so dangerous they might poke the innocent bystanders eyes with their placards and car keys.

Actually, the peaceful gathering is beginning to be accepted as new culture in Malaysia. When Lim Guan Eng, that dude from DAP, took over as the chief minister in Penang Island, he said something to the effect that it pissed the UMNO members. The members made peaceful assembly, which was quickly broken up by police with tear gas and water canon. Oh, sorry, the cops did not do that.

Then, there was another held in Perak, because Lim’s dad said something that amounted to disrespect to the Perak Sultan. There was a peaceful gathering again, accusing Lim senior of being rude to the Sultan. Hah! Our dutiful cops arrived and dispersed them with tear gas and water canon.

Oh shit, I am wrong again. So much for journalistic integrity. I should know that water gas and tear gas comes with instruction “To be used only against parties not affiliated with the ruling party”. I shoulda checked the fact first.

So many things happened the last four years, after the election in 2004. All those promises, those kept and broken. All those statements, the truth and the lies. But along the way, one thing remained true. No matter which country you are, which party is rulling the nation, the politicians are, and have always been unintentionally funny. From the funny way they talk, walk, behaving like Dodo’s right before their exctinction through some foreign news agencies. Politicians always ranked next to lawyers in terms of being butt of many jokes. But the ranking need to be revieweds, as most lawyers become politicians anyway.

And so, as I said, this is an interesting election. There are lot more twist and turn to happen down the road, in a year or so. I mean, things can also be so messy that it might require poor Uncle Sam to interfere by first bombing the shit out of KL Tower which has for more than a decade served the Malaysian people with….I mean….errr….hummmm..

Okay, it gave many free meals to journalists high up several hundreds of feet with 360 view of KL city. Now, that is service, dude! Anyway, my point is, we are going to see a completely different Malaysia now. It is now a new era for us Malaysia. And there sure gonna be bigger budget for tear gas canisters for the cops.

Okay, we wouldn’t want that. Malaysia has dealt with issues diplomatically and I am one of those few who still believe in the art of diplomacy (though it hardly worked with my fiancé, especially when it comes to some stupid donuts).

Now, all I can ask for from these new elected officials, ruling party or not, is to work together. Set aside your differences, and sit down and look at the Rakyat’s plight. Sure, the ruling party may drive bigger cars and have posh homes, but leave those differences to the ACA people to sort out. You guys just sit down and think about serving the people, ‘kay.

*Uncle A: I tell ya it involves cheese made from moose’s milk.

Cousin C: Haha, he calls a cow, Moo, so childish (Uncle A knocks a teeth out of Cousin C).

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